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~Fyoras Oasis~


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Contests, Contests, Contests!

Recruitment Contest: Fyora: Oh darn, Oh darn! We don't have alot of members! We need recruitment!
You have to help! Every member will get their
names on a chart and get points for every person they recruit.
At the end of two weeks, whoever has most points gets a paintbrush and the next runner up gets 2 codestones!!

RULES: If you recruit someone,
you must make them neo-mail me (Sword) or Heart and we will give you a point.
Happy Recruiting!


You've all heard about Better Than You, right? Well, Fyora and Jhudora decided to try at high scores.

If you can beat their high scores, you can get GP and sometimes items!

This week's game is: The Buzzer Game

Fyora's Score: 320 points

Jhudora's Score: 240 points

First person to beat Fyora get 50 GP, and first three to beat Jhudora get 25 GP.

If think you have won a contest,
neomail sword_of_light63 or heartseverlasting.
Thank You!

mrs_radical_w0m3n has 5 recruitments! Points: 15


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