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The Ultimate Me's Strategy Guides
Trapped 2


Trapped 2

Trapped 2 by Matt Ruggia---Strategy Guide by TheUltimateMe
==============       <<<<<<\2
      \        RAPPED!     2/               \2
      /        RAPPED!      2\              )2
      \        RAPPED!       2\            /2
      /        RAPPED!                    /22
      \        RAPPED!                 /22
      /        RAPPED!           2/_________2
1. Important Codes
2. Strategy Guide
3. Items
4. Blah, Blah, Crap I need to put in... 
LOCATION: First question mark in first level
CODE: start-red, up 5, right 9, up 2, left 5, down 6, push enter.
OPENS: A door to the west wall
LOCATION: The emblem that looks like a diamond on the first level
CODE: The emblem on the floor says "The one that places the
last diamond can push objects"
OPENS: The ability to push objects
LOCATION: The colour palette thingy (for lack of better words)
CODE: Turn on red, blue, light-blue, purple
OPENS: Password for the locked door
LOCATION: The other colour palette beside the colour puzzle
you can only read if you have the right password for the puzzle
CODE: rjm
OPENS: The locked door inside the room with the flame star
      Well, you have chosen the popular "Trapped 2" by Matt Ruggia.
It's a good game I suppose, but to all good games, there is a
good strategy guide. This is it.
     When starting out on "Trapped 2" you will be dropped in a room
that has a blocked of area in the top-left with a portal and a purple diamond.
Ignore it. Go up through the north door to find a another room.
This has no door but a question mark. You may look at it and for a
copied version of the code, check the "IMPORTANT CODES" section. To
start the puzzling puzzle, you must look at the question mark by pressing
"ENTER" on it. It will show the code and a red square. Go to that square,
and enter the code by moving to the according directions.
      After you finish that, you should have a door open on the west wall.
Go through it. You will find youself in a room with a long stretch of water
reaching from side to side and there is a blue key across the stream.
Ignore that, too. Go up through the north door and your in a room
with three doors. One to the east, one to the west and one to the north.
Go through the west door and move yourself through the tiny maze.
 You should then come out to a room with only two doors. One has a
BLUE block, and you can't get in. Take the south door. You will come out
to a very, very small room and a red portal. Go on it.

    Taa Daa! You are in the blocked off space in the very first room.
Grab the purple diamond there and head back through the red portal. Come all the way out the way you came, through the two rooms and through the maze.
Once your back in the room with the three doors, take the east door. Inside
is an emblem and a red diamond and a blue diamond. Below that is a open space.

             Put the purple diamond there by pushing "ENTER" next to it.
 Congrats! You have obtained the "Push Skill" and you can push
blocks now. Go back out the room and back to the main room with three doors,this time taking the north door. Push the big block on to the grey coloured tile. It should open a door to the north.
    Go throught that door and you are in yet another room with,
two doors and one locked door. You will soon see that one door is blocked by a red twirling star. Go through that door (the one to the east). Before you   do, let me tell you, getting past the star is no easy feat. I went up beside
the east wall, one above the door. When the star goes by, go really fast
through the door. Keep trying. You'll get it sooner or later.
      Once you get through, there will be a room with a colour palette thingy
and some black boxes with outlines. You need to turn on the right boxes by pressing "ENTER" on them and they should light up. Refer to the "IMPORTANT CODES" section to find the code. Once you have finished the puzzle, press "ENTER" on the colour palette to get another code. It is the door code.
    The code is "rjm". This code is also in the "IMPORTANT CODES" section.
 Go back through the twirling star. Go up to the locked door and press
"ENTER" to access the code thingy. Put in "rjm" to proceed. Inside is a room
with no doors, but some rubber boots. Pick those up.
     Since you can now walk on water, go back out of the locked door room,
and go to the south door through to the block room, then south door again to
the three door room. Take the south door once more to the lake room. You
can now cross the stream and get the blue key. Do so. Now head back up through the north door in the lake room and back to three doors room.
 In the three doors room, head through the west door and through
the tiny maze. Your in the room with the BLUE block in it. Open the blue door.
Go through the red line and...CONGRATULATIONS! You have just completed
Matt Ruggia's Trapped 2!
NAME: Purple Diamond
FOUND: In the blocked portion of the first room
USES: To use in the "diamond" puzzle.
NAME: Blue Key
FOUND: Across the water in the third room
USES: To open the BLUE block in the room after the tiny maze.
NAME: Push Skill
FOUND: After you complete the "diamond" puzzle
USES: Used to push grey blocks
NAME: Boots or (Water Crossing Skill)
FOUND: In the locked door room
USES: Allows you to cross water
                           This has been a strategy guide by TheUltimateMe
                           It strategizes the game of, Trapped 2 by Matt Ruggia
                        Which can be found at
                           Please do not steal this or I will be very, very sad.
                         Thank you and enjoy! Oct. 18th 2003